Membership Fee

The different options available

Membership is yearly based from the 1st of January to the 31st of December and has to be paid in FULL regardless of the number installments chosen.

The membership fee is 600€ per year.
There are currently three payment options:

OptionTo be paidWhenNotes
Monthly installments100€ Membership Fee + 50€ the first month
50€ each subsequent month, for 10 months
Every 15th of each monthFull membership fee
Two installments225€ + 225€First installment by the 15th of January.
Second installment by the 15th of June
150€ Discount
Single payment400€By the 15th of January.200€ Discount!

What if I join after January?

You can either decide to pay the monthly installments or, if you want to avail of the bulk payment discounts, we will apply a simple formula:

450€ / 12 x number of months left until the next December. The result will be rounded up.

For example: Bee Bee Eight joins in April and decides they want to avail of the discount. From April to December is 9 months. So the fee is calculated as 450 / 12 * 9 = 337.5€, which rounded up results to 338€ that Bee Bee will need to pay when joining.