About LudoSport

A sport made in Italy

LudoSport comes to life in Milan, Italy, from the work and passion of three friends who combine their skills and create a new combat sport that uses an iconic weapon: a sword with a blade of pure energy. They create a system of different forms of armed combat, progressive in complexity and refinement. Around them comes a group of enthusiasts that grows beyond national borders and generates, through the common language of the sword they use, a worldwide community linked by ancient values such as sport and deep as the bond that binds them.


So many forms, so much fun

Ludo (“game”) and Sport are the two sides of a single coin: guaranteed fun through a healthy and -above all- always different physical practice: the Light Saber Combat created by the LudoSport Founder Masters is in fact a set of different fencing disciplines structured for progressive learning. The training path is rich and stimulating, going from the single sword to the two short swords and stick techniques: all entirely original and designed around an iconic and fascinating weapon, a blade of pure energy that cuts everything but itself.

Lessons and duels

LudoSport students follow their educational path in annual courses, which can be integrated with special lessons, seminars and periodic in-depth events under the guidance of their teachers. They also participate in the competitions organized within the network and can challenge each other to duel, regardless of the degree or level: each form of combat is in fact complete, and able to deal with all the others. In addition, all the students have a score formed by their results in competitions, and the duels that they can freely carry enrich this score by “unlocking” access to the most important competitions.

The value of the values

The main principle of LudoSport is summarized in the Italian acronym Se.Cu.Ri (Service, Care, Respect). In LudoSport, each student supports their teammates by leading them to overcome their limits, as they will do likewise. In LudoSport, while teaching a combat discipline, the techniques are designed and taught to be harmless, and control is an integral part of the training process. In LudoSport everyone is brought to confront each other, and the World Champion tackles the last member with the humility of those who know they can learn from anyone else, teaching them to do the same. Thanks to Se.Cu.Ri, in every part of the world the students find the same environment, where everyone has his own space to grow from a technical point of view without ever giving up on fun and imagination.

All together in the arena

In LudoSport competitions, women and men compete together on equal terms. The natural physical differences are in fact compensated by the variety of techniques and fighting styles, a richness that allows everyone – on equal physical condition – to develop their own competitiveness.

The challenge of disability

LudoSport was born in the footsteps of the purest Olympic spirit, and evolves daily thanks to the work of the Founder Masters and their closest collaborators. The development of a competitive sports discipline based on the principles of Se.Cu.Ri looks forward to include all those who today cannot access our courses for reasons of disability. The great goal is to include them as soon as possible in our classes and in our competitions: the project – followed firsthand by the Founder Masters – provides a re-elaboration of teaching as a function of greater inclusion and the need for a more specific training of the teaching staff on an international basis. A long journey that we are thrilled to have undertaken.